Glenguin Estate Hunter Valley New South Wales

Glenguin Estate, close to the village of Broke in the Hunter Valley home of Australia’s two oldest wine styles made from Semillon and Shiraz, was first planted in 1988. Glenguin is pioneering the ancient classic grape from the Basque southwest of France called Tannat, which is ideally suited to their terroir. In a world of simple fruity wines made in industrial quantities the Tedder family sets out to demonstrate that, with low yields of fruit from hand tended vines, it is possible to make exciting balanced wines that speak of where they come from. Wines that are mouthwatering to drink and complementary with food.

  • glenguinestatearisteashiraz

    Glenguin Estate ‘Aristea’ Shiraz 2009

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  • glenguinestateironbarcktannat

    Glenguin Estate ‘Ironbark’ Tannat 2010

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  • glenguinestateschoolhouseshiraz

    Glenguin Estate ‘Schoolhouse’ Shiraz 2013

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  • glenguinestatestonybrokeshiraztannat

    Glenguin Estate ‘Stonybroke’ Shiraz Tannat 2011

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  • glenguinestatethestickybotrytisedsemillon

    Glenguin Estate ‘The Sticky’ Botrytised Semillon (375mL) 2014

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  • Glenguin Estate Logo

    Glenguin Estate Semillon 2014

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