Krinklewood Hunter Valley New South Wales

The Krinklewood vineyard is a family owned, Biodynamic Boutique vineyard. Biodynamics is in effect a supercharged system of Organic farming. Where Biodynamics differs significantly in practice from organics is in the use of special preparations & the timing of their application, as it considers the farm in its entirety to be a living system.

  • krinklewoodchardonnay

    Krinklewood Chardonnay 2015

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  • krinklewoodfrancescarose2013

    Krinklewood Francesca Rosé 2016

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  • Krinklewood Logo

    Krinklewood Lucia Dessert Wine 2014

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  • krinklewoodsemillon

    Krinklewood Semillon 2015

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  • krinklewoodshiraz2014

    Krinklewood Shiraz 2014

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  • krinklewoodverdelho2009

    Krinklewood Verdelho 2016

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  • krinklewoodwildred2013

    Krinklewood Wild Red 2016

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  • krinklewoodwildwhite2014

    Krinklewood Wild White 2016

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