Man O' War Waiheke Island New Zealand

Located at the eastern end of Waiheke Island, in New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf, Man O’ War boasts a pristine and beautiful spread of coastal hillsides with high cliffs and stunning beaches.

150 acres of vines are strategically placed around Man O’ War’s 4500 acres. Meticulous design ensures that the distinct soil profile and microclimate of each block is used to best advantage with different rootstocks, clones and planting densities selected to match the specific terroir on offer.

  • manowardreadnoughtsyrah

    Man O’ War ‘Dreadnought’ Syrah 2012

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  • manowarexiledpinotgris

    Man O’ War ‘Exiled’ Pinot Gris 2016

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  • manowargravestonesbs

    Man O’ War ‘Gravestone’ SBS 2012

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  • manowarironcladbordeaux

    Man O’ War ‘Ironclad’ Bordeaux 2010

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  • manowarvalhallachardonnay

    Man O’ War ‘Valhalla’ Chardonnay 2014

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  • manowarcabernetfrancmerlot

    Man O’ War Cabernet Franc Merlot 2012

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  • manowarsauvignonblanc

    Man O’ War Sauvignon Blanc 2015

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